A little update on Me

11 06 2010

Well, the past few months has been half filled with legitimate things to do and half filled with simple procrastination. As it stands now, I am in a new apartment at home, unemployed, taking some random classes, and overall doing not much else.

The new apartment is smaller than what I had before, but still bigger than the dorm rooms that I’ve lived in for the past 3 years. But with a lack of air conditioning it’s going to be a bit… interesting once the heat wave hits. And much to the irritation of my mom, I still haven’t unpacked and sorted out all my stuff a month after we’ve moved in. Although I can’t really help it, between my naps, the laptop and the TV, I simply have no time to clean up after myself… ;)

In terms of crafts, since lately the nights are pretty chilly but evenings are still warm, I decided to crochet myself a blanket that’ll smooth out the transition between my comforter and my summer blankie. Details and pictures to come soon.

I also made some pocket-sized notebooks to sell for Anime North a couple weekends ago so I’ll put pictures up for those as well.

Food-wise I haven’t done much. The new kitchen is smaller and so is the range and the oven. Last night I baked some bananas with chocolate inside and it turned out pretty nice (except using 75% chocolate made it a bit too bitter). I think I’ll get to know the new oven with something simple this weekend.

One thing I need to remember to do is to bring my camera with me when I go out because I’ve gone to a couple new restaurants that I want to review and revisited some as well.

Looks like this brief update turned out a bit long didn’t it?



5 05 2010

I’m moving on the 9th so I expect that the earliest I’ll post anything remotely interesting will be a week after. But as I’m a huge procrastinator it might not happen.

I also realized that if I leave my Japanese textbooks at school… I can’t update that at all. Hmm…

Mothers say the darnest things

14 04 2010

My mother always complains that I say things that are infuriating sometimes, like telling a friend that I’ll tough it out like a real man when he told me to take shelter from the rain for a while or telling another one that he should be more manly like me… But this amusing but annoying personality factor has to come from somewhere right?

So I got home last night for a couple days of breather time between exams and when I saw my mom I was excited to tell her about the results so far from my work out…

Me: LOOK! I got skinnier, I’m pretty sure I GAINED weight but I know I definitely got skinnier because like, my shorts are looser now! *shows off tummy*
Mom: *looks at me for a long time* So does that mean your face is swollen?

I don’t know what to do with her sometimes…

But seriously, I don’t like how I’m gaining weight, getting fatter in the FACE but slimming down elsewhere? How does this even happen?


30 03 2010

I’m sick. Or getting there. The feeling of sand in my lungs is entirely unwelcome.

General life’s been pretty sucky for me too. I’m having a huge ongoing spat with my mother and I don’t know where I should be for this summer, which leads to if I’ll be taking an extra year in university. My closest friends ironically enough provide the least helpful or comforting advice ever.

My marks are going down the tubes and I’m struggling to keep up with my council obligations. I hate half the people I know and I can’t tell if I’m going to have a major mental melt-down soon from never talking about my problems or if I’m just temporarily stressed.

My only comfort is food and naps which severely interfere with my plans to get super fit.


More recipes will be up soon. =)

UCC Referendum

6 02 2010

Well, the referendum on the UCC gym renovations is coming up soon, Monday to be exact. While after inquiring in detail (as mentioned in the last post), I was wavering between a yes and no, I’m mostly back to a ‘no’ now. Mostly.

The reason for my indecisiveness is because I have a meeting with USC’s VPF Sacha on Monday, when voting starts, to talk about how I can apply for the position. I plan to use the opportunity and ask him some more questions in detail and formulate my vote from there on.

If anyone can wait on their vote until later Monday or even Tuesday to get an more informed vote, I’d feel very honoured.

As for the presidential election, I’m torn between Mike Tithecott and Jeff Rutledge. Both speak so so well, and have platforms I enjoy. Mike looks to me as more casual and his platform reflects as much. Jeff… well, the air about him reminds me of my faculty soph in first year, who ran and won presidency the year after.

I hated that guy.

Stephen Lecce was his name and he didn’t even know who I was after orientation week. Me, his own frosh. That kind of irresponsibility I cannot accept. I really disliked him for using sophing as a stepping stone, to casually chat with other frosh and win their vote. I don’t think he even bothered coming onto my/his floor to campaign. Either he thought he was going to get our vote or he didn’t care.

He definitely didn’t get our vote.

Back to Jeff.

He sounds like a good guy. Out of the candidates, he’s one of the top two who spoke well, with a focal point to his answers. A lot of the other candidates during the debates rambled a little bit or went off track, but he and Mike stayed focused. His speech was less casual and free-flowing compared to Mike’s but I enjoyed his platform more. The only thing holding me back is his personality, or what I perceive of it. It’s too close to my impression of Lecce and I’m really hung up on that. You can tell how much I resented Lecce from this.

Anyways. I hope to have an informed vote this year, unlike past years. I really want to seriously take part in USC from now, even if it’s only a vote. I hope it to being more since I want to run for VPF but we shall see.

Unprecedented Double Post in which I’ll Talk about More Useful Stuff

3 02 2010

Miss President, Emily Rowe and her trusty VP School Events or something along those lines, Dan Moulton, set up shop outside the Saugeen cafeteria today to increase awareness of the referendum that’s coming up. If you don’t know what it’s about, USC wants to renovate the now vacated UCC gym into club and study space. But to do that they need to increase student fees by $25. The dynamic duo gave me some satisfying answers to my questions and I was almost swayed to vote ‘Yes’ compared to my initial stance of ‘No’.

The following conversation are in indirect quotes. I forgot what exact words they said.

Me: So I was wondering, why can’t the USC take out a large loan and put off making students pay until the new place is done and then charge us to pay back the loan?

Emily: Well, we do have a loan, but we needed more money. We’ve already reduced the building cost from last year’s referendum of 3.6 Million to this year’s 2 Million so you can see we’re trying to do our best for you.

Me: I see, that’s great. But what do you think about having students pay for something they may never see?

Emily: Oh that’s a good question. Well the fee starts next year, and we’re hoping that construction will be done by September.

Me: …?????????????????????????????????????

Dan: We’re starting construction as soon as the summer starts and hopefully it’ll be done by the time school starts again in September.

Me: So basically, construction will start and end before we even start paying, so we actually ARE paying for something we’ll get to use?

Emily: Exactly! =D

Okay, that was a good mini conversation. So I took a tiny pamphlet because they’re budget and environmental, and ate my dinner of just salmon alone in my room like a social recluse while reading it carefully.

“…estabilish a $25 student fee to be collected in perpetuity for the purpose of immediately renovating…”

“Vote No: Students will continue paying rent for UCC gyms”

“Vote No: Capital deficit will continue to grow for other student-controlled spaces within the UCC.”

What does this mean? Why $25 in PERPETUITY? What’s it used for that you have to collect it FOREVER? Isn’t it just for the renovation? Could this be a sneaky way for USC to earn money in the future? What’s this rent? Don’t we pay it anyways regardless of whether or not renovation is done? Capital deficit eh? So you are making money off us to stave off a massive debt aren’t you?

To answer these questions, I trekked right back out to the cafeteria, all 100m of the hallway (or less), and demanded for an answer.

They were gone. Gone!
I swear they were there for a total of 2 minutes, but I guess it was really an hour but they’re really gone I can’t believe this howcantheydothis?!

So yes, there will be no answer to my questions until I find out where they will be and corner them at a to be determined future date and time. Such a disappointment.

A Mish Mash of Random Stuff from Today

1 02 2010

Okay so as promised, here’s a picture of the stupid hat I crocheted. It’s being modelled by my nice, horrid-smelling, plastic water bottle I got for sophing this year. I refuse to wear it for a picture because it’s that bad. I don’t believe that anyone will look acceptable in this hat, especially not J. Stubbs. She definitely looked like she was wearing a knit version of a hospital cap.

As you can see, this thing was so stiff that it doesn’t even attempt to flop over my water bottle. Instead, it holds itself perfectly prim and proper like a hat made from straw would do. Uggghhhh. Not only that, this picture took me 3 tries to upload onto here. I think reznet was killing the system, but it might just be that this hat is so ugly and horrible, it’s breaking the interwebs.

But, as it stands, I’m extra happy right now from the endorphins generated from my much missed workout so I’ll post some other interesting things too.

First up, a MSN bot. I got added by a strange email to MSN messenger today and was very suspicious of it: I’m totally¬† not popular so no one really adds me for no reason. Because of that, I was hostile at the onset. After I’ve confirmed it was a bot, I decided to type random things to see how many different responses it had, although I quickly got bored after about 3 lines from me.

Bonus if you get what I was talking about in the last night I said. =)

Next up, I got linked to the Rorschach test on Wikipedia from a fashion blog (don’t ask, or, ask but it’s a long story). And as I was glancing through the cards I realized that I totally see different things than the average person. I mean, I’m pretty sure not everyone has the mundane and/or boring and/or generic responses like Wiki lists as common responses. At least, I hope not, because they were really unimaginative. But I got a feeling that mine were a little too creative.

#5, usually seen as a bat, butterfly, or moth was seen by me as an alien with antennae or bunny ears wearing really puffy arm warmers holding two giant prongs, like a tuning fork… Then I got hungry at the thought of a fork…

I don’t like how the governing factors in my life for decision making or anything else for that matter, are food and warmth. I feel like a primitive savage whose actions are dictated by basic animalistic needs. My liiiiiiiiiiiifeeeeeeeeeee……………………….