A Mish Mash of Random Stuff from Today

1 02 2010

Okay so as promised, here’s a picture of the stupid hat I crocheted. It’s being modelled by my nice, horrid-smelling, plastic water bottle I got for sophing this year. I refuse to wear it for a picture because it’s that bad. I don’t believe that anyone will look acceptable in this hat, especially not J. Stubbs. She definitely looked like she was wearing a knit version of a hospital cap.

As you can see, this thing was so stiff that it doesn’t even attempt to flop over my water bottle. Instead, it holds itself perfectly prim and proper like a hat made from straw would do. Uggghhhh. Not only that, this picture took me 3 tries to upload onto here. I think reznet was killing the system, but it might just be that this hat is so ugly and horrible, it’s breaking the interwebs.

But, as it stands, I’m extra happy right now from the endorphins generated from my much missed workout so I’ll post some other interesting things too.

First up, a MSN bot. I got added by a strange email to MSN messenger today and was very suspicious of it: I’m totally  not popular so no one really adds me for no reason. Because of that, I was hostile at the onset. After I’ve confirmed it was a bot, I decided to type random things to see how many different responses it had, although I quickly got bored after about 3 lines from me.

Bonus if you get what I was talking about in the last night I said. =)

Next up, I got linked to the Rorschach test on Wikipedia from a fashion blog (don’t ask, or, ask but it’s a long story). And as I was glancing through the cards I realized that I totally see different things than the average person. I mean, I’m pretty sure not everyone has the mundane and/or boring and/or generic responses like Wiki lists as common responses. At least, I hope not, because they were really unimaginative. But I got a feeling that mine were a little too creative.

#5, usually seen as a bat, butterfly, or moth was seen by me as an alien with antennae or bunny ears wearing really puffy arm warmers holding two giant prongs, like a tuning fork… Then I got hungry at the thought of a fork…

I don’t like how the governing factors in my life for decision making or anything else for that matter, are food and warmth. I feel like a primitive savage whose actions are dictated by basic animalistic needs. My liiiiiiiiiiiifeeeeeeeeeee……………………….


I Want to Kill Zombies So Much Right Now

31 01 2010

A quick update with my crochet hat progress.

I don’t think I’ll have a chance at finishing this thing this weekend since I just spent 12-hours trying to do and getting stuck on FOUR questions. In the end I had to give up with a 18/22 score on the last question. I might give it another try tomorrow but it’s really annoying and the solutions do it in a way that doesn’t make sense. Now I’m all exhausted and all I want is a hot shower and my too-squishy bed. And I was so ready to take out my anger on some zombies in L4D2…

I don’t know why I’m so intent on getting this hat finished. It’s not even made with nice yarn. Despite my surprisingly nice and even crochet (knots?) it’s still made with the cheapest yarn I could possibly find short of buying twine. I’m not even sure if it’s going to come out all floppy and stuff like it’s supposed to. I might end up wearing half a bubble on my head…

Thanks for texting me at 1:20am. If I was asleep like I usually am at this time (comes with being old), I’d be so mad (or just not hear it).

But yeah. My crochet hat… I really like how much less linear my train of thought goes.

Here’s a picture of how much is done with my awesome magenta glasses as reference.

Good night folks.

Finally, Failday Report

22 01 2010

Okay, so after almost a week of procrastination I’m going to post about my last Saturday…

The day started out lovely, all sunny and stuff, making me really reluctant to do anything other than lying in puddles of sunlight and nap, but alas, I was determined to get a lot done despite the one day weekend this time.

I was browsing some blogs and they were talking about making cute pencil cases out of felt and wool and general cuteness out of a handmade product made for an etsy store. So I thought it’d be a good idea to make some, but first I needed a doodle book to doodle my ideas. That’s when my day started to go down hill. Instead of BUYING a sketchbook or finding some scrap paper like a normal person, I had the brilliant idea to MAKE my sketchbook.

Let’s all from my stupidity now and never have that as the reason to start making a book from scratch okay? You’ll hate yourself, and me.

It started well, with me grabbing some of the free computer paper my cousin didn’t want anymore and prepping it by getting rid of the holey things on the side.

Now fold in half and cut. I don’t have a paper trimmer so I’m doing this the hard way, with a craft knife using a ruler as guide.

Now fold those half pieces in half again.

Now put a couple of these folded things inside one another consecutively. I put 4 of them inside one another for this book. Each of these little things are called a signature by the way.

Now measure the signatures on their spine and divide it into 5 parts, at ratios of approximately 1:1:1.5:1:1. You can make both end divisions larger if your book is bigger. Pictured here is some dental floss which is good for a very budget book. Otherwise you’d want bookbinding thread and I’ve even heard that the pearl stranding strings work well too.

Now poke some holes where you marked to make sewing your signatures together easier then sew it up!

The sewing pattern is easy but I don’t want to explain it at this moment (because I’m tipsy) so you’d have better luck at looking at the one here. But It’ll look up like this.

Now, you’d want to finally put your textbooks to use by using them as paperweights to squash down your sewn up thing so you can smush some glue on that spine. Be sure to rub in good. Oh, yeah~. (I used white glue but I don’t recommend it since it dries hard. But it’s not like it’s unusable.)

Now the fail part starts. At the beginning, I wanted to like, cover the cardboard with a collage of magazine cutouts like so. But because I was using white glue, things dried slowly and into a hard page that I can’t fold into a cover. I also screwed up on the layering and there was glue on top of the pictures as well. Ugh. I spent my whole day on this too! I was so mad.

In the end, I just stuck some cardboard on for the cover, and left it unwrapped. It now looks super ghetto and I definitely glued the spine piece wrong.

Now, I also tried to make a spice cake on Saturday and uh, forgot that I was supposed to use two pans so the whole thing  bubbled ominously like lava and overflowed.  I was freaking out trying to scoop glops of it off the bottom of my oven before I managed to find another pan to put it in.

This beautiful piece of work has now been reduced to a very large pile of crumbs courtesy to a 2-hour ride in my bag on the train.

By the way, this is what I did with the holey strips that came off the paper.

Fluffy Puffy Pom Pom Flowers

22 12 2009

A couple of days ago, I made some pom pom flowers following the instructions on Domestiflufff. They were kinda addicting to make, although a little dangerous.

My pom poms were made from cheap acrylic yarn that my mom and I bought from a garage sale for 50 cents a bundle. Super cheap! I don’t like knitting with them since they aren’t all that soft and fluffy after you use them, so I’ve been using them to make mockups of things to figure out how they worked, especially cabling. When I saw the tutorial I dragged out the old skeins of yarn we tucked away in boxes and found some pretty colours to work with. Here’s the result:


My mom and I each made some to give to our friends. While all her recipients are women, mine were not so lucky. I made sure to give the manliest of them all, a giant pink one. His reaction was great.

The scraggly ones are mine, the denser ones are made by my mom. After teaching her to make these she came back an hour later with 4 of them. Wow. Today I came home from my last exam and she was planning on making more, talk about obsession! The 3 in the little glass pot went in the bathroom. It now functions as an ‘air freshener’ after being sprayed with my favourite perfume.

You might be wondering what’s so dangerous about these cute little fluffballs… Well, I was holding my giant scissors with my wrist at an angle. After going through 3 of these I was pretty sure I was going to end up with carpel tunnel. It was also a bit sucky that I had to go through half frozen mud to find sticks. Fantastically coordinated me almost slipped. Horrifying.