Unprecedented Double Post in which I’ll Talk about More Useful Stuff

3 02 2010

Miss President, Emily Rowe and her trusty VP School Events or something along those lines, Dan Moulton, set up shop outside the Saugeen cafeteria today to increase awareness of the referendum that’s coming up. If you don’t know what it’s about, USC wants to renovate the now vacated UCC gym into club and study space. But to do that they need to increase student fees by $25. The dynamic duo gave me some satisfying answers to my questions and I was almost swayed to vote ‘Yes’ compared to my initial stance of ‘No’.

The following conversation are in indirect quotes. I forgot what exact words they said.

Me: So I was wondering, why can’t the USC take out a large loan and put off making students pay until the new place is done and then charge us to pay back the loan?

Emily: Well, we do have a loan, but we needed more money. We’ve already reduced the building cost from last year’s referendum of 3.6 Million to this year’s 2 Million so you can see we’re trying to do our best for you.

Me: I see, that’s great. But what do you think about having students pay for something they may never see?

Emily: Oh that’s a good question. Well the fee starts next year, and we’re hoping that construction will be done by September.

Me: …?????????????????????????????????????

Dan: We’re starting construction as soon as the summer starts and hopefully it’ll be done by the time school starts again in September.

Me: So basically, construction will start and end before we even start paying, so we actually ARE paying for something we’ll get to use?

Emily: Exactly! =D

Okay, that was a good mini conversation. So I took a tiny pamphlet because they’re budget and environmental, and ate my dinner of just salmon alone in my room like a social recluse while reading it carefully.

“…estabilish a $25 student fee to be collected in perpetuity for the purpose of immediately renovating…”

“Vote No: Students will continue paying rent for UCC gyms”

“Vote No: Capital deficit will continue to grow for other student-controlled spaces within the UCC.”

What does this mean? Why $25 in PERPETUITY? What’s it used for that you have to collect it FOREVER? Isn’t it just for the renovation? Could this be a sneaky way for USC to earn money in the future? What’s this rent? Don’t we pay it anyways regardless of whether or not renovation is done? Capital deficit eh? So you are making money off us to stave off a massive debt aren’t you?

To answer these questions, I trekked right back out to the cafeteria, all 100m of the hallway (or less), and demanded for an answer.

They were gone. Gone!
I swear they were there for a total of 2 minutes, but I guess it was really an hour but they’re really gone I can’t believe this howcantheydothis?!

So yes, there will be no answer to my questions until I find out where they will be and corner them at a to be determined future date and time. Such a disappointment.


Trust Not the People who Sell You Stuff

3 02 2010

I was reading through a whole boat load of fashion blogs, including that Tavi one, when I found this. It’s a good article to read, albeit, long for people who are disinterested in fashion. The morals of the story are: Never take ‘no’ for an answer, and Don’t ever trust sales reps.

By the way, I don’t know how much any of you have been keeping track of the fashion blogging alternate universe but recently there was this whole hubbub revolving around Tavi, this 13-year-old blogger who’s apparently really big in the blogsphere. Well, curious, I went to check her place out even after I found her to be really, uh, juvenile, to be wearing something like what she did. I seriously thought that she missed the mark of ‘lady’ and ended up with ‘grandmother’ and then someone painted that giant bow on using MS Paint or something.

Oh, and I don’t like her blog at all. I can’t really see any sense in how she’s posting, everything sounded very¬† fragmented. You can’t do that unless you’re Fingold(fish) or a 13-year-old kid who thinks s/he is the biggest thing since the discovery of fire, let loose on the internets.

Oh wait…

The Return to School is Such a Hassle

7 01 2010

My life is going back into the pointlessly-stressful, frequently-boring, and 100%-money-eating type of life an university student life is bound to lead at one point of their nerdy, studious career. While I’m not quite sure what I just wrote in the previous sentence, I can promise a more coherent report for the remainder of this post. Maybe.

During the break I bought a book for making bread. It’s a simple recipe book without all the interesting but useless narratives ‘real’ cookbooks have and was on sale at Chapters. Unfortunately, the lack of narratives should have been my warning sign instead of the factor that influenced my purchase. Something was horrifyingly wrong with this book:

I realized now that maybe it would have been a good idea to take a picture of what was wrong with this book but it’s too late, I’ve already returned it. Anyways. Can anyone guess what could be so crucially wrong with this book that I’m writing such an elaborate, round-about hate-review for a book that you will never ever purchase even without this review?

It was missing ingredients.

Yeah. A recipe book missing ingredients in the ingredients list, but the missing items show up in the NAME of the bread and the instructions… The sales clerk who did the returns for me was speechless too.

On the other hand, I bought Vogue Collections Winter/Fall 09/10 when I returned the bread book. It had no price tag on it since it was an import so I nearly cried when I went through the checkout:

It came out to be $50. Quite the sob story.

I think the reason it was so expensive was that it had no ads, which I rather enjoyed. The magazine had a pretty nice overview of a large number of designers and was close to the comprehensive type of thing I’ve been looking for.

Chanel got 4 pages, which was heavenly in my opinion. I love Chanel and what Karl Lagerfeld does for it. My only gripe? Oscar de la Renta, my god of evening gowns, only got one page. I spent an entire evening ranting to everyone I saw.

I recently subscribed to a new load of… blogs and stuff. Amongst which, The Business of Fashion is a really nice thinger majiger to follow. It really pertains to my interests since I’m a business student who likes fashion so it’s always nice to read about the business side of Fashion. I highly recommend people who want to look beyond the glamour to follow this site.

PS. I just downloaded a daily resolution record thing from The Small Object to keep track of which dates I’ve kept up my 2010 resolution. It’s a simple little thing but will be a great help in keeping you motivated and on track. My 2010 resolution is to run a marathon by September so I’m doing a lot of cardio training on top of my dragonboat practices. You can get the calendar here.

American Apparel is all Rectangles!

17 11 2009

Yesterday I went out with a friend who came back to visit from Trinidad to the American Apparel store downtown. As always, he bought clothes like nobody’s business and was complaining that AA wasn’t shiny or bright enough… Only he would say that. Anyways, I got caught up in the mood and bought a piece of their overpriced fabric myself, the one called Le Sac Dress. It was the cheapest thing I could find in the dress category and I was worried about the upcoming semi-formal on Friday so I bought whatever dresses that caught my eye. When I came home with it and carefully inspected it however, I was both amused and mad at myself that I bought something so simply made that I could make it with under $10 of material AND I got a formal dress for $10 more and 2 minutes of walking.

Now, I normally have no interest in American Apparel unless it’s customized clothing like hoodies for my (residence) floor so I don’t pay much attention to them. But at the store yesterday I had quite a bit of time to wander so I pick at the stuff hanging around. Taking into account of the type of materials AA use and the styles or effects they like to go for, I believe that quite a number of items can be easily replicated using… rectangles. Yup, that’s right, rectangles. Aaaand maybe some other basic shapes we learned in our baby’s first books of shapes if we want to go fancy. Also, those said items can be made at costs that are at LEAST half the price tag, maybe more like a quarter.

I think I’ll doodle out how to make a few AA stuff in the next couple of posts. Although google can usually provide for that.


Nap times I go!

The 4th Wall

12 04 2008

Isn’t life lonely nowadays? No one talks to anyone anymore.

At the gym, no matter how busy it is in there, it’s silent. All that could be heard are the whirring sounds from the stationary bikes or the ellipticals. There isn’t a single person not listening to their mp3 players. Everyone is in their own little bubble – they rush in, get their stuff done and then rush out – all the while not saying a single word to anyone else. Sometimes they come in with their friends, but even when they sit next to each other, they shove their ear buds in and stare off into empty space while they peddle away.

I talked to my mom about this and she told me how when we first arrived in Canada, she hated our family car. Even though we were driving around to social events, we still isolated ourselves on the way to and from the place of gathering. She thought that if we didn’t rush about in our daily lives, silent, we wouldn’t have to rush about all the more to places where we could be ‘social’.

A book I read in grade 8 came back to me when I was talking about this. It was Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. In the book, Mildred, the wife, had wanted to install a 4th interactive television on the last empty wall of the room. She wanted to belong to this television family and enclose herself in that bubble which will isolate her from the rest of the world. This strange notion in a dystopia world is no different that what is happening in our own society. We all try our best with Facebook, Myspace and whatnot to find people who are similar in interest with us, when all we have to do sometimes, is to open our mouths and talk. Whether it be in line waiting or on the bus, if we could just find the courage to talk it’d be so much better. The world would be a bit less lonely.