Cooking Chinese: Fried Rice

27 03 2010

So this is super long over due. If not for the fact that I’m in hermit mode AND bored out of my mind I’d still be putting this off.

This is how I like to make my fried rice. It turns out golden (yellow) and smells delicious. You can cook this up in bulk and store it for a couple of days as you slowly eat through it, perfect for students! It even has all the food groups in it! =)

1) Veggies that aren’t liquidy like tomatoes – I used celery, mushroom, and a bag of mixed veggies from the Green Giant which contained green beans, corn, carrots and peas.
2) Meat – I always use bacon for the smoky flavour it has. Other stuff I use depending on what I bought would be ham, cured turkey leg, Italian sausages, and the like. I don’t recommend any other uncooked meat other than bacon because it’s annoying to cook.
3) Cooked rice
4) Eggs – enough to coat your rice in
5) oil, black pepper, salt etc.

*The amount really varies depending on your preference. Guestimate the ratios you’d like to consume everything in and you’ll be fine.

And now:
1) Chop up your veggies and meat into cube or square shapes (bacon cannot be cubed). You can see that I didn’t do that for the mushrooms because they shrink. And I forgot. But they’re soft so it’s okay.

2) Fry all your veggies and meat, separately. I cooked the bacon first, took it out then in went the mushrooms. Then the celery, which are undercooked because I was starving. If you’re using frozen ones like I am, boil them and count that as cooked. Once everything is done, set them aside and deal with the rice.
3) Beat a couple of eggs and smush it all into the rice, yolk and all. It’s what makes the fried rice ‘golden’. Make sure you have enough eggs in it that your rice has no more white parts, but not too many that it’s.. gooey.

4) Then, fry the rice until the egg looks cooked and dump all your veggies in.

5) Stir around and put in all the things you want, like copious amounts of black pepper, the reason there’s lots of black dots in my fried rice. I don’t put a lot of salt in because the cured meats and bacon are all really salty and I usually use this as an upgraded version of plain rice. Plain rice isn’t salted so why should this be?

All Done! Yum! This is really simple and really fast. Also gets rid of bacon that you can’t consume fast enough if you’re living on your own. =D


Of Ice cream and Tea

18 01 2010

There’s not a single day where I curse my bad luck to have developed allergies to ripe fruits last summer. You might think it’s weird but it’s a normal, or rather, not unusual, phenomenon. It kinda is like an extrapolation of tree pollen allergies according to Google’s search results but it definitely SUCKS. Especially considering I’ve become allergic to most ripe TROPICAL (… and some normal) fruits which are my favourites, melons of all kinds, mango, kiwi, papaya, persimmon, banana… RAWR!

But yeah, I sobbed in my heart when I saw this recipe. Ice cream that is really just frozen ripe bananas?! Nooooooooooooo~~~~~

Regardless, it looks delicious so I will make it when I go home next and see if I can still eat it.

If you’re wondering how I plan to eat things I’m allergic to? Well, to tell you the truth, I’m really irresponsible when it comes to dealing with my food allergies. I love fruits and I prefer to eat them not so green, especially melons, kiwis and mangoes which are really sour/tart/astringent/gross in general. Since my allergy is rather mild, as in my mouth itches and my lips swell a bit normally, and if I don’t rinse my system out by drinking a lot of water, I feel like I’m ABOUT to get an asthma attack. So the solution is, drink water with and after the fruits. =) If this method ever fails me, I’ll let you know. But don’t try this ever. Never Ever. OKAY?!

On the bright side, I found a proper-tea-brewing thinger that was linked through LollyChops‘ blog, which is hilarious and teal. While this is how I’ve always made my ‘western’ teas, it doesn’t seem like not everyone knows how to do it properly. So here it is, the proper way to brew black tea. This is not the correct method for Chinese green teas by the way, or the Japanese ones either I don’t think. You have to let the water cool to a certain temperature first.

I now need to make a tea-cosy thing just because. Even though I have no teapot at rez and don’t use one at home.