Done and Done

31 01 2010

I finished it!

I finished that darn hat I was so fixated on finishing this weekend. I closed it off early in fear of making the rim part too tight for my head and therefore cutting off circulation and making me stupid.

Well, it was a stupid move, now the hat is slightly too big at the rim. And there’s not enough depth to the hat.

Having it made in the cheapest, stiffest, scratchiest yarn in mint green did nothing to improve the image of this hat since the longer I stare at it the more I think it looks like one of those hospital cap things.

Pictures tomorrow when the lighting is better.


I Want to Kill Zombies So Much Right Now

31 01 2010

A quick update with my crochet hat progress.

I don’t think I’ll have a chance at finishing this thing this weekend since I just spent 12-hours trying to do and getting stuck on FOUR questions. In the end I had to give up with a 18/22 score on the last question. I might give it another try tomorrow but it’s really annoying and the solutions do it in a way that doesn’t make sense. Now I’m all exhausted and all I want is a hot shower and my too-squishy bed. And I was so ready to take out my anger on some zombies in L4D2…

I don’t know why I’m so intent on getting this hat finished. It’s not even made with nice yarn. Despite my surprisingly nice and even crochet (knots?) it’s still made with the cheapest yarn I could possibly find short of buying twine. I’m not even sure if it’s going to come out all floppy and stuff like it’s supposed to. I might end up wearing half a bubble on my head…

Thanks for texting me at 1:20am. If I was asleep like I usually am at this time (comes with being old), I’d be so mad (or just not hear it).

But yeah. My crochet hat… I really like how much less linear my train of thought goes.

Here’s a picture of how much is done with my awesome magenta glasses as reference.

Good night folks.

My New Addiction Involves a Hook

29 01 2010

Recently, most of the crafting blogs I’ve been following has been all about ‘doing more stuff for the new year!’ or ‘look at what I did during/for the holidays!’ so they’ve been posting crap loads of smallish things or humongous things… basically things that I suddenly really want to make.

Especially, a quilt.

No don’t worry, I haven’t started a quilting operation in my rather spacious and toasty prison cell at rez. But looking at the amazing cathedral window quilt over at During Quiet Time, I can’t help but want to make one for myself. The cathedral window one especially despite the multiple steps, since it doesn’t need the sandwiching thing that normal quilts need, or the elaborate quilting that I want to do but will never ever in my life be able to.

Back on topic, I wanted to reveal that I dove head-first into yet another ‘hobby’ that will likely get abandoned in a short while: crochet.

Last night while I spent hours trying to figure out stupid geometric puzzles of quilt pieces that I’ve set upon myself, I suddenly decided to buy some yarn and hook and start crocheting. Immediately.

Following that train of thought this afternoon, I braved the bitter cold and went to Michael’s to buy my supplies. I think I was meant to head over there to dish out money today since the crochet hooks were on sale. And this is what came out of it after 1 hour and some youtube videos:

I’m trying to make a hat as per this video from Threadbanger. It’s a rather ambitious first project but it’s something to look forward to while I get used to the whole thing. There would be more to show if I didn’t just spent 4 hours facilitating soph carousels (a group interview thing).

I find crochet easier than knitting because it’s just one hook but harder to keep track of the beginning and the end when working with a circle.

The yarn I’m using was the cheapest I could find, “Red Heart Super Saver”. I figured, no matter what complete things I make of it, the first half will probably get wasted as I adjust.  It feels super gross to touch because it’s so scratchy ‘n stuff. But hopefully at the speed I’m going, I’ll finish the hat this weekend, which should use up over half the yarn, then I can make a tube neck warmer that I’ll never wear with the rest. My real goal is to make a super cool granny square afghan.

By the way, have you noticed the trend? Crochet for the ultimate goal of an afghan, quilting for the ultimate goal of a… quilt, knitting a hooded scarf on and off, living in a room that feels like sticking your face right above the furnace vent…

Winter needs to be over soon. Or actually, slow down a bit so I can finish something before it’s gone. =)

Finally, Failday Report

22 01 2010

Okay, so after almost a week of procrastination I’m going to post about my last Saturday…

The day started out lovely, all sunny and stuff, making me really reluctant to do anything other than lying in puddles of sunlight and nap, but alas, I was determined to get a lot done despite the one day weekend this time.

I was browsing some blogs and they were talking about making cute pencil cases out of felt and wool and general cuteness out of a handmade product made for an etsy store. So I thought it’d be a good idea to make some, but first I needed a doodle book to doodle my ideas. That’s when my day started to go down hill. Instead of BUYING a sketchbook or finding some scrap paper like a normal person, I had the brilliant idea to MAKE my sketchbook.

Let’s all from my stupidity now and never have that as the reason to start making a book from scratch okay? You’ll hate yourself, and me.

It started well, with me grabbing some of the free computer paper my cousin didn’t want anymore and prepping it by getting rid of the holey things on the side.

Now fold in half and cut. I don’t have a paper trimmer so I’m doing this the hard way, with a craft knife using a ruler as guide.

Now fold those half pieces in half again.

Now put a couple of these folded things inside one another consecutively. I put 4 of them inside one another for this book. Each of these little things are called a signature by the way.

Now measure the signatures on their spine and divide it into 5 parts, at ratios of approximately 1:1:1.5:1:1. You can make both end divisions larger if your book is bigger. Pictured here is some dental floss which is good for a very budget book. Otherwise you’d want bookbinding thread and I’ve even heard that the pearl stranding strings work well too.

Now poke some holes where you marked to make sewing your signatures together easier then sew it up!

The sewing pattern is easy but I don’t want to explain it at this moment (because I’m tipsy) so you’d have better luck at looking at the one here. But It’ll look up like this.

Now, you’d want to finally put your textbooks to use by using them as paperweights to squash down your sewn up thing so you can smush some glue on that spine. Be sure to rub in good. Oh, yeah~. (I used white glue but I don’t recommend it since it dries hard. But it’s not like it’s unusable.)

Now the fail part starts. At the beginning, I wanted to like, cover the cardboard with a collage of magazine cutouts like so. But because I was using white glue, things dried slowly and into a hard page that I can’t fold into a cover. I also screwed up on the layering and there was glue on top of the pictures as well. Ugh. I spent my whole day on this too! I was so mad.

In the end, I just stuck some cardboard on for the cover, and left it unwrapped. It now looks super ghetto and I definitely glued the spine piece wrong.

Now, I also tried to make a spice cake on Saturday and uh, forgot that I was supposed to use two pans so the whole thing  bubbled ominously like lava and overflowed.  I was freaking out trying to scoop glops of it off the bottom of my oven before I managed to find another pan to put it in.

This beautiful piece of work has now been reduced to a very large pile of crumbs courtesy to a 2-hour ride in my bag on the train.

By the way, this is what I did with the holey strips that came off the paper.

Tequila and Failday Preview

20 01 2010

Originally, I was going to post about my epic fail day this past Saturday, when I went home. I have only 2 hours of class on Tuesdays and I finish at 12:30pm (damn right you should be jealous) so I thought I’d have plenty of time to do a pseudo photostory about the day but somehow, it disappeared.

I was somewhat productive in fully watching the movie ‘9’, which is an okay movie, doing some laundry, and going for a swim and then grocery store. But yeah, fail report will come soon.

What I really wanted to say in this post is pretty much that I think I’ve just fallen into a very deep, deep hole called find-the-yummiest-tequila. Ambitiously, my goal after finding a couple good tequilas is to… drink gin, sherry, port and more tequila. My liver and bank account will definitely thank me greatly for this. Sigh.

In other news, some crazy drinking affair is going down on my floor on Thursday. I’ll be buying SOMETHING tomorrow or early Thursday to join my frosh for a bit. You may want to know that the SOMETHING will be a tequila.

After that, is a super romantic dinner with Christina and Justine and possibly others at Bertoldi’s on Friday. Then a two-day camping trip at the Pinery with Ashton and the Outdoors Club.

On Monday it seems that there’s a trip to Molly Blooms for cheap wings and chill times. And then… I don’t know. But it seems like money will be just flying out the window for me. Bleh.

There also might be a very emotional, tear-jerker post showing up sometime this semester. If I remember.

Of Ice cream and Tea

18 01 2010

There’s not a single day where I curse my bad luck to have developed allergies to ripe fruits last summer. You might think it’s weird but it’s a normal, or rather, not unusual, phenomenon. It kinda is like an extrapolation of tree pollen allergies according to Google’s search results but it definitely SUCKS. Especially considering I’ve become allergic to most ripe TROPICAL (… and some normal) fruits which are my favourites, melons of all kinds, mango, kiwi, papaya, persimmon, banana… RAWR!

But yeah, I sobbed in my heart when I saw this recipe. Ice cream that is really just frozen ripe bananas?! Nooooooooooooo~~~~~

Regardless, it looks delicious so I will make it when I go home next and see if I can still eat it.

If you’re wondering how I plan to eat things I’m allergic to? Well, to tell you the truth, I’m really irresponsible when it comes to dealing with my food allergies. I love fruits and I prefer to eat them not so green, especially melons, kiwis and mangoes which are really sour/tart/astringent/gross in general. Since my allergy is rather mild, as in my mouth itches and my lips swell a bit normally, and if I don’t rinse my system out by drinking a lot of water, I feel like I’m ABOUT to get an asthma attack. So the solution is, drink water with and after the fruits. =) If this method ever fails me, I’ll let you know. But don’t try this ever. Never Ever. OKAY?!

On the bright side, I found a proper-tea-brewing thinger that was linked through LollyChops‘ blog, which is hilarious and teal. While this is how I’ve always made my ‘western’ teas, it doesn’t seem like not everyone knows how to do it properly. So here it is, the proper way to brew black tea. This is not the correct method for Chinese green teas by the way, or the Japanese ones either I don’t think. You have to let the water cool to a certain temperature first.

I now need to make a tea-cosy thing just because. Even though I have no teapot at rez and don’t use one at home.


12 01 2010

So I was surfin’ along the interwebs, minding my own business, when WHAM! it hit me. I forgot all about the cool headphones I saw in Urban Outfitters when a group of us made that freaky trip to Buffalo over the winter break.

Here in Toronto, no store is that cool with all the extra random stuff they carry, like vinyls, headphones, other house things, other random things, etc. Either that or I haven’t found any. But yeah, I didn’t really want to buy clothes that day since I was only in for what I thought was a hilarious road-trip so I loitered at the front of the store where all the random stuff were and was ‘WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA’-ing at the headphones. Like a country bumpkin.

TODAY! I remembered wanting to look up the headphones so I used my extraordinary Google-fu and searched and found:

WESC: (Too much going happening on the front page)

Zumreed: (All of a sudden, Japanese)

Eskuché: (Annoying front page video background)

Aerial 7: (The only decent front page there was)

Holy hell, not that it’s possible, but these are some sick designs! A frosh of mine got a pair of Aerial 7’s and she said the sound quality’s pretty good.

Okay friends whom I know are reading my blog linked over from facebook. You know what to do. ;)

As for why the trip was freaky… Well, my friend who drove (pulled the short straw), didn’t believe me when I said that it was snowing down south, and decided to go ahead with her little Yaris anyways. Long story short, there was this large bridge on the way to Niagra that was windy and made us swerve a little. Then there were more bridges before the border. THEN, there was a heavy snowstorm waiting for us as soon as we crossed the border with zero visibility. The trip was hilarious to a point, the other part of it was just scary.

Cheesecake Factory pasta had so much oil in it that I was feeling nauseous after a small lunch serving. I refused to order a cheesecake because I know that it’ll stop my heart. Ugh. Next time, I’ll have a salad, no dressing.