I am a 21-year-old student at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, currently in my 3rd year studying business with a minor in Japanese. Life is hectic as I also sit on the Residents’ Council for my first year residence of Saugeen-Maitland Hall as VP Finance. I’m currently spending my 3rd year there as an upper year volunteer to offer support and candy to the first year population that lives here.

My home is in Toronto and I go back often to de-stress, cook, sew, craft, and generally bum around. I also go home to get away from the extremely unhealthy and gross cafeteria food which I’m sure everyone experienced at one point or another. 3 years of that stuff is really putting a strain on my palete. ;)

This blog is has a whole bunch of random things from my cooking adventures to school work to generic posts about my life. I wouldn’t expect anything fancy though, since while I try hard to produce clothes and the like it would seem that my current abilities will only allow for scarves, skirts, and pillow cases.

Posts do not occur on a scheduled or probably even regular basis since here in my tiny dorm room I can’t sew or cook and the carpet is really ugly.


2 responses

21 01 2010

Wow, P-Dubs… didn’t know you had a blog. How MIT of you
Really funny though!

21 01 2010

I’ve actually gotten this in first year. Just. Never did anything with it until now. ~_~

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