How Original is Original?

18 12 2009

Today’s fantabulous post is about the store Original in downtown Toronto. It opened not too long ago and is a two-part store.

On the first floor there’s a good selection of shoes and boots that are cute, conservative, and versatile. There are those Victorian-esque boots with the decorative buttons on the side. There are classy heels from Bordello and there are some other… generic cute shoes. Also some very weird ones off to the side that are kinda… retro. I don’t know, but one pair looked pretty darn close to a non-bouncy pair of moon boots.

Amazingly enough to say, I also found some extraordinarily bling’d out office calculators.

On the second floor is a formal dress shop full of dresses that will probably not match the shoes below. It’s similar to the ones that make you remove your shoes to get into but this one doesn’t have that particular requirement. The floor is luckily, wood. If I didn’t already buy a dress for formal this year I’d have looked around a bit more but at a glance, it has an impressive selection of dresses. The longer dresses aren’t that well suited for the young and picky so if you like short prom dresses, this is a good place to look. The old and picky should be able to also find nice things there. Sequins and beads seem to be an overhanging theme when the owner ordered her stock but it’s not old school or gaudy at all.

Also when you head up the second floor, look up. It may escape your notice if you’re not paying attention but the top rack has a LOT of petticoats. And some of these petticoats are REALLY fluffy. So much so that they don’t look like petticoats when you stand under them, but instead, a bizarre giant ball of fluffy things.

Dresses are at a normal price. I noted some of the short ones are between $100 CAD and $150 CAD. The petticoats start at $60 but the ones with a decent poof in them starts at $100, the $60 one is a joke.

The store I’d say is worth a visit. I’ll definitely go there to buy shoes but maybe not so much the dresses considering I’m a big loner and don’t have too many high school proms, weddings and galas to go to. Bawl.

515 Queen St. West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2B4