Of Ice cream and Tea

18 01 2010

There’s not a single day where I curse my bad luck to have developed allergies to ripe fruits last summer. You might think it’s weird but it’s a normal, or rather, not unusual, phenomenon. It kinda is like an extrapolation of tree pollen allergies according to Google’s search results but it definitely SUCKS. Especially considering I’ve become allergic to most ripe TROPICAL (… and some normal) fruits which are my favourites, melons of all kinds, mango, kiwi, papaya, persimmon, banana… RAWR!

But yeah, I sobbed in my heart when I saw this recipe. Ice cream that is really just frozen ripe bananas?! Nooooooooooooo~~~~~

Regardless, it looks delicious so I will make it when I go home next and see if I can still eat it.

If you’re wondering how I plan to eat things I’m allergic to? Well, to tell you the truth, I’m really irresponsible when it comes to dealing with my food allergies. I love fruits and I prefer to eat them not so green, especially melons, kiwis and mangoes which are really sour/tart/astringent/gross in general. Since my allergy is rather mild, as in my mouth itches and my lips swell a bit normally, and if I don’t rinse my system out by drinking a lot of water, I feel like I’m ABOUT to get an asthma attack. So the solution is, drink water with and after the fruits. =) If this method ever fails me, I’ll let you know. But don’t try this ever. Never Ever. OKAY?!

On the bright side, I found a proper-tea-brewing thinger that was linked through LollyChops‘ blog, which is hilarious and teal. While this is how I’ve always made my ‘western’ teas, it doesn’t seem like not everyone knows how to do it properly. So here it is, the proper way to brew black tea. This is not the correct method for Chinese green teas by the way, or the Japanese ones either I don’t think. You have to let the water cool to a certain temperature first.

I now need to make a tea-cosy thing just because. Even though I have no teapot at rez and don’t use one at home.