Fluffy Puffy Pom Pom Flowers

22 12 2009

A couple of days ago, I made some pom pom flowers following the instructions on Domestiflufff. They were kinda addicting to make, although a little dangerous.

My pom poms were made from cheap acrylic yarn that my mom and I bought from a garage sale for 50 cents a bundle. Super cheap! I don’t like knitting with them since they aren’t all that soft and fluffy after you use them, so I’ve been using them to make mockups of things to figure out how they worked, especially cabling. When I saw the tutorial I dragged out the old skeins of yarn we tucked away in boxes and found some pretty colours to work with. Here’s the result:


My mom and I each made some to give to our friends. While all her recipients are women, mine were not so lucky. I made sure to give the manliest of them all, a giant pink one. His reaction was great.

The scraggly ones are mine, the denser ones are made by my mom. After teaching her to make these she came back an hour later with 4 of them. Wow. Today I came home from my last exam and she was planning on making more, talk about obsession! The 3 in the little glass pot went in the bathroom. It now functions as an ‘air freshener’ after being sprayed with my favourite perfume.

You might be wondering what’s so dangerous about these cute little fluffballs… Well, I was holding my giant scissors with my wrist at an angle. After going through 3 of these I was pretty sure I was going to end up with carpel tunnel. It was also a bit sucky that I had to go through half frozen mud to find sticks. Fantastically coordinated me almost slipped. Horrifying.