American Apparel is all Rectangles!

17 11 2009

Yesterday I went out with a friend who came back to visit from Trinidad to the American Apparel store downtown. As always, he bought clothes like nobody’s business and was complaining that AA wasn’t shiny or bright enough… Only he would say that. Anyways, I got caught up in the mood and bought a piece of their overpriced fabric myself, the one called Le Sac Dress. It was the cheapest thing I could find in the dress category and I was worried about the upcoming semi-formal on Friday so I bought whatever dresses that caught my eye. When I came home with it and carefully inspected it however, I was both amused and mad at myself that I bought something so simply made that I could make it with under $10 of material AND I got a formal dress for $10 more and 2 minutes of walking.

Now, I normally have no interest in American Apparel unless it’s customized clothing like hoodies for my (residence) floor so I don’t pay much attention to them. But at the store yesterday I had quite a bit of time to wander so I pick at the stuff hanging around. Taking into account of the type of materials AA use and the styles or effects they like to go for, I believe that quite a number of items can be easily replicated using… rectangles. Yup, that’s right, rectangles. Aaaand maybe some other basic shapes we learned in our baby’s first books of shapes if we want to go fancy. Also, those said items can be made at costs that are at LEAST half the price tag, maybe more like a quarter.

I think I’ll doodle out how to make a few AA stuff in the next couple of posts. Although google can usually provide for that.


Nap times I go!