Making Circle Scarves

30 12 2009

Being on winter break makes me really lazy and unobservant of the passing of days. It’s December 30th already and I did like, NOTHING with my life this break. I have a circle scarf run-through to share from many days ago and if I knew I was gonna procrastinate, I would’ve sewn on a sunnier day for better pictures. Although my picture-taking skills are next to nonexistent.


To sew a circle scarf similar to American Apparel, I went out and bought some cotton jersey. I actually bought cotton-bamboo jersey at $8/yrd from a guy I refer to as the Italian Fabric Mafia. Story in another post maybe. Anyways, go and pick some nice soft fabric that you wouldn’t mind having wrapped around your neck all day. AA uses some kind of really thick stretchy cotton thinger that I don’t know the name of but you can really use anything you want. You might not end up with a winter scarf if you use holey fabrics though. Buy one yard of THE CHOSEN fabric. Buy more if you want a really really really long scarf, or a really thick scarf, instructions at the end.

Lay it on the floor with the RIGHT side facing up like so:

STOP. If you’re super lazy like me, you can just scrunch the fabric along the long sides and wrap it around your neck. That’s how I wear my scarf. ;D

Now fold the fabric in half so the right side gets hidden by the wrong side. Match the selvages:

Hilariously, sew along the selvages to make a tube:

Hem your scarf if you need to. Or actually, maybe you should’ve hemmed it before you did the selvage-sewing and tube-making. I skipped it because jersey does not fray and as you probably have noticed by now, I’m rather lazy.

In the final step I like to scrunch because it’s easy but you can fold as well. But really, just turn it over and fold/scrunch/command the ends inward until you have something that ACTUALLY looks like a circle scarf instead of a mysterious tube:

Now circle it around your neck and there it is, your circle scarf:

If you need it loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonger, I’d buy maybe 1 1/2yrd to 2yrd of fabric and cut that in half length-wise and then connect the selvages together. If you need a thicker scarf, buy more and sew it as usual. Combine the two to make a longer and thicker scarf.


Make a Reservation Now!

24 12 2009

What I really don’t like about the holidays is that most large restaurants stop taking reservations. It was such a pain last night when I needed a table for 10 and Moxie’s screwed up on the waiting list. Ugh.

On the other end of the reservation..spectrum, there is Japango, a Japanese place that you pretty much NEED a reservation to get a spot. It’s a tiny little place off of Dundas Street near Eaton Centre. Tiny. I think it’s half the size of Konnichiwa.

This is a place that’s more focused on sushi than anything else. There’s a decently sized list of fish available along with some choices of donburi and noodles. It’s a no nonsense menu that doesn’t really have all the little things that a lot of other places have. You can say ‘choice is limited’ or ‘dedicated menu’.

Food-wise it wasn’t too spectacular. I ordered an oyako-don, ‘parent-child’ rice bowl. It has chicken (parent) and an egg (child) on top of hot rice sprinkled with seaweed strips. It’s a crude joke but I find it endlessly amusing, especially when the ‘grandparent-child-grandchild’ version has mayo added. Heh. Anyways, the dish was around $12 and was rather average in taste. I also had some salmon skin rolls and they were good but again, not spectacular. That was around $6 I believe.

The dishes my friends ordered were on the average side too. They ordered: katsu chicken, beef donburi, spider roll, dragon roll, salmon roll and grilled salmon belly. The only complaint that I have is that the grilled salmon belly doesn’t have enough salt on it. All of us each had a roll and a main dish and paid around $25 each including tips.

The service was really friendly and happy but they tend to forget to follow up on the status of your drinks. We ran out of tea five minutes into the meal and didn’t get more until the very end.

Other than the minuscule size of the place and the average tasting food, Japango have things that I don’t see often at other Japanese places. One was the oyako-don. I haven’t seen it on the menu at all the places I’ve went to this year I don’t think, other than you know, in Tokyo. The other was o-toro sushi. It’s bluefin tuna belly and from what I gather, very expensive. This is the only place in Toronto that I’ve seen have it. Although I haven’t been to any pricier establishments to really have a say in this. An order of o-toro sushi is $16 I think and an order of sashimi is $20. All the other types of fish have single digit prices here.

Food quality: 7
Food quantity: 7
Price vs. Portion: 7
Price vs. Yumminess: 7
Atmosphere: 7
Dressiness: every day or after work

122 Elizabeth St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1P5
416.599.5557 Reservation HIGHLY recommended

Even though I rated it a bit lower than Konnichiwa, I would still go again. Mostly to try their o-toro but also because it’s slightly cheaper than Konnichiwa and located at a more convenient place.

Fluffy Puffy Pom Pom Flowers

22 12 2009

A couple of days ago, I made some pom pom flowers following the instructions on Domestiflufff. They were kinda addicting to make, although a little dangerous.

My pom poms were made from cheap acrylic yarn that my mom and I bought from a garage sale for 50 cents a bundle. Super cheap! I don’t like knitting with them since they aren’t all that soft and fluffy after you use them, so I’ve been using them to make mockups of things to figure out how they worked, especially cabling. When I saw the tutorial I dragged out the old skeins of yarn we tucked away in boxes and found some pretty colours to work with. Here’s the result:


My mom and I each made some to give to our friends. While all her recipients are women, mine were not so lucky. I made sure to give the manliest of them all, a giant pink one. His reaction was great.

The scraggly ones are mine, the denser ones are made by my mom. After teaching her to make these she came back an hour later with 4 of them. Wow. Today I came home from my last exam and she was planning on making more, talk about obsession! The 3 in the little glass pot went in the bathroom. It now functions as an ‘air freshener’ after being sprayed with my favourite perfume.

You might be wondering what’s so dangerous about these cute little fluffballs… Well, I was holding my giant scissors with my wrist at an angle. After going through 3 of these I was pretty sure I was going to end up with carpel tunnel. It was also a bit sucky that I had to go through half frozen mud to find sticks. Fantastically coordinated me almost slipped. Horrifying.

Procrastinating with Pointless Rambles

20 12 2009

I wanted to post something meaningful today but unfortunately, I’m not interesting enough to have meaningful posts everyday.

Commercial shampoo got rid of my dandruff but it turned my hair back into straw. Is there no such thing as a perfect hair… washing thing?

The cafeteria is closing in 3 day when the building closes for the winter break, meaning, I now have to eat strange things they pass off as decent food. Right now I’m eating a chicken leg with fake curry sauce brushed on as you would a maple glaze. At least this is not processed chicken…

The only thing the caf produced ever that I really love is this strange breakfast fruit bake. It has berries on the bottom and oats, brown sugar, and other things on top. I’m going to try and see if I can recreate it at home. It’s truly a delicious way to start the day, especially eaten after a solid breakfast sandwich.

Speaking of breakfast sandwiches, does anyone know where places like Tim Hortons get their sausage patties for their breakfast sausages? I’m dying to make some myself. The school caf uses the same thing so I know it isn’t just a Timmy’s thing.

I don’t want to study…

How Original is Original?

18 12 2009

Today’s fantabulous post is about the store Original in downtown Toronto. It opened not too long ago and is a two-part store.

On the first floor there’s a good selection of shoes and boots that are cute, conservative, and versatile. There are those Victorian-esque boots with the decorative buttons on the side. There are classy heels from Bordello and there are some other… generic cute shoes. Also some very weird ones off to the side that are kinda… retro. I don’t know, but one pair looked pretty darn close to a non-bouncy pair of moon boots.

Amazingly enough to say, I also found some extraordinarily bling’d out office calculators.

On the second floor is a formal dress shop full of dresses that will probably not match the shoes below. It’s similar to the ones that make you remove your shoes to get into but this one doesn’t have that particular requirement. The floor is luckily, wood. If I didn’t already buy a dress for formal this year I’d have looked around a bit more but at a glance, it has an impressive selection of dresses. The longer dresses aren’t that well suited for the young and picky so if you like short prom dresses, this is a good place to look. The old and picky should be able to also find nice things there. Sequins and beads seem to be an overhanging theme when the owner ordered her stock but it’s not old school or gaudy at all.

Also when you head up the second floor, look up. It may escape your notice if you’re not paying attention but the top rack has a LOT of petticoats. And some of these petticoats are REALLY fluffy. So much so that they don’t look like petticoats when you stand under them, but instead, a bizarre giant ball of fluffy things.

Dresses are at a normal price. I noted some of the short ones are between $100 CAD and $150 CAD. The petticoats start at $60 but the ones with a decent poof in them starts at $100, the $60 one is a joke.

The store I’d say is worth a visit. I’ll definitely go there to buy shoes but maybe not so much the dresses considering I’m a big loner and don’t have too many high school proms, weddings and galas to go to. Bawl.

515 Queen St. West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2B4

Pretty Awesome Restaurant to Fill your Tummy

17 12 2009

I think I’ll stop posting about my hair every day since it’s boring if I’m not faced with any kind of disasters. Instead, I want to share a nice place I found, for your dining pleasure.

Konnichiwa is a quaint, tiny little place on Baldwin St. That street has a lot of good food happening and my friends and I went to check it out two nights ago. It’s not a new establishment by any means since it has been around since 1996. It was also awarded Best Noodles in Toronto by Toronto Life in 2005 so I’m sure a number of you will know about it.

First, the atmosphere: it’s small and can be a challenge to eat at a table shared with your two friends but it is quaint, although I’ve used that word already. We sat in a nook by the window and although it was a little chilly, I feel that it’s the best place in the house, very cosy… though chilly. I don’t make much sense do I? About decor, plating, and whatever, do you care? I hope not. I don’t want to talk about them since food should always be the most important thing.

Let me tell you, I loved the food. I felt that I made a little mistake in ordering the grilled salmon because it was a tad dry when compared to my friend’s grilled black cod, which was mouth-wateringly juicy. At around $15 per dish, there’s a little bowl of rice to go along with 2 thin steaks of fish and a little bit of veggies for garnish.

My other friend ordered a sushi bento and I mooched some of the tempura in it and it was so yummy. The batter was light and crispy I didn’t drown my tempura in sauce this time and was able taste the veggies. Beautiful. My mouth is watering right now. Unfortunately I can’t comment on the rest of the bento because I’m not into sushi (only sashimi and maki) and my friend wouldn’t let me eat her dinner for her. What a bummer.

Appetizers and salads are between $4-6 and main dishes are around $15. It’s typical Japanese portions, nowhere near enough for me and perfect for normal people. Since I was still hungry after but didn’t want to look like the bottomless food pit that I actually am, I tried to order the appetizer Mozuku, which turned out to be seasonal and no longer offered. I ate the Kaiso salad instead and it had less seaweed in it than I thought, more leafy greens though. I didn’t think it should be almost $6 however.

A little pricey for job-less university students but well worth it for the well-made, authentic, non-sushi menu they offer. I’m definitely eating either a noodle bowl or a donburi, or maybe even both.

Food quality: 8
Food quantity: 7
Price vs. Portion: 7
Price vs. Yumminess: 8
Atmosphere: 8
Dressiness: every day or after work

31 Baldwin St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1L1
416.593.8538 or

Be careful, it closes between 3-5pm to switch their menu and do cleaning.

The 4th Day of my Romance with Baking Soda

16 12 2009

While I feel a bit apprehensive about sharing my personal hygiene updates with strangers on the interwebs, I feel that it’d provide useful information to someone out there. Today’s day 4 after getting together with baking soda and I’m happy to say that we’re still going strong even though… I didn’t shower today.

Le Gasp!

Before all of you dive for the hills at my stinky grossness, I like to say that my hair was totally fine.

Well, I exaggerate. It’s only mostly fine.

I last washed it yesterday morning and right now, 7pm if you’re wondering, my hair looks like it’s only been a day since I last washed it. The worst are my bangs, because it’s against my forehead, the second most oily place on my face. But even then it’s not too bad. I remember my original complaint was that I couldn’t go for more than 24 hours without washing my hair without risking it to look like, well, greasy hair and this is certainly one heck of an improvement.

One very interesting to note though, is that my scalp isn’t itchy anymore… but it looks like dandruffs are appearing?! Very curious problem there. I’m hoping that the problem is only a transitional one and will go away soon. I don’t want my head to snow along with the heavens. That would be just SO attractive…

Did anyone notice that my title is a whole lot longer today?