Procrastinating with Pointless Rambles

20 12 2009

I wanted to post something meaningful today but unfortunately, I’m not interesting enough to have meaningful posts everyday.

Commercial shampoo got rid of my dandruff but it turned my hair back into straw. Is there no such thing as a perfect hair… washing thing?

The cafeteria is closing in 3 day when the building closes for the winter break, meaning, I now have to eat strange things they pass off as decent food. Right now I’m eating a chicken leg with fake curry sauce brushed on as you would a maple glaze. At least this is not processed chicken…

The only thing the caf produced ever that I really love is this strange breakfast fruit bake. It has berries on the bottom and oats, brown sugar, and other things on top. I’m going to try and see if I can recreate it at home. It’s truly a delicious way to start the day, especially eaten after a solid breakfast sandwich.

Speaking of breakfast sandwiches, does anyone know where places like Tim Hortons get their sausage patties for their breakfast sausages? I’m dying to make some myself. The school caf uses the same thing so I know it isn’t just a Timmy’s thing.

I don’t want to study…



11 04 2008

After eating a couple of strawberry rhubarb pies in residence out of curiosity, it occurred to me: who the hell invented rhubarb pies?!

It’s rather bland, kind of tart, a bit sour, and needs to be sweetened to death before you can use it. Most common uses are to cook it with some fruits to offset the taste. It also has the texture of celery, which, given its appearance, is no surprise.

This Wikipedia entry shed some light on the subject for me. It’s apparently cheap so it was used. But that still doesn’t explain why we’re still eating this celery plant in desserts!

Stop making rhubarb pies, Saugeen! Or at least, make less. I don’t think anyone’s eating them other than me and my roommate.