Mothers say the darnest things

14 04 2010

My mother always complains that I say things that are infuriating sometimes, like telling a friend that I’ll tough it out like a real man when he told me to take shelter from the rain for a while or telling another one that he should be more manly like me… But this amusing but annoying personality factor has to come from somewhere right?

So I got home last night for a couple days of breather time between exams and when I saw my mom I was excited to tell her about the results so far from my work out…

Me: LOOK! I got skinnier, I’m pretty sure I GAINED weight but I know I definitely got skinnier because like, my shorts are looser now! *shows off tummy*
Mom: *looks at me for a long time* So does that mean your face is swollen?

I don’t know what to do with her sometimes…

But seriously, I don’t like how I’m gaining weight, getting fatter in the FACE but slimming down elsewhere? How does this even happen?




One response

14 05 2010

NUUUUUUUU. Its just that youve slimmed down everywhere and your face has stayed the same :) so it just LOOKS like your face got fatter. But it didnt. Also you’re awesome <3 Also you should be able to guess who this is.

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