12 01 2010

So I was surfin’ along the interwebs, minding my own business, when WHAM! it hit me. I forgot all about the cool headphones I saw in Urban Outfitters when a group of us made that freaky trip to Buffalo over the winter break.

Here in Toronto, no store is that cool with all the extra random stuff they carry, like vinyls, headphones, other house things, other random things, etc. Either that or I haven’t found any. But yeah, I didn’t really want to buy clothes that day since I was only in for what I thought was a hilarious road-trip so I loitered at the front of the store where all the random stuff were and was ‘WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA’-ing at the headphones. Like a country bumpkin.

TODAY! I remembered wanting to look up the headphones so I used my extraordinary Google-fu and searched and found:

WESC: http://wesc.com/ (Too much going happening on the front page)

Zumreed: http://www.zumreed.net/ (All of a sudden, Japanese)

Eskuché: http://www.eskucheme.com/ (Annoying front page video background)

Aerial 7: http://www.aerial7.com/ (The only decent front page there was)

Holy hell, not that it’s possible, but these are some sick designs! A frosh of mine got a pair of Aerial 7’s and she said the sound quality’s pretty good.

Okay friends whom I know are reading my blog linked over from facebook. You know what to do. ;)

As for why the trip was freaky… Well, my friend who drove (pulled the short straw), didn’t believe me when I said that it was snowing down south, and decided to go ahead with her little Yaris anyways. Long story short, there was this large bridge on the way to Niagra that was windy and made us swerve a little. Then there were more bridges before the border. THEN, there was a heavy snowstorm waiting for us as soon as we crossed the border with zero visibility. The trip was hilarious to a point, the other part of it was just scary.

Cheesecake Factory pasta had so much oil in it that I was feeling nauseous after a small lunch serving. I refused to order a cheesecake because I know that it’ll stop my heart. Ugh. Next time, I’ll have a salad, no dressing.