Trust Not the People who Sell You Stuff

3 02 2010

I was reading through a whole boat load of fashion blogs, including that Tavi one, when I found this. It’s a good article to read, albeit, long for people who are disinterested in fashion. The morals of the story are: Never take ‘no’ for an answer, and Don’t ever trust sales reps.

By the way, I don’t know how much any of you have been keeping track of the fashion blogging alternate universe but recently there was this whole hubbub revolving around Tavi, this 13-year-old blogger who’s apparently really big in the blogsphere. Well, curious, I went to check her place out even after I found her to be really, uh, juvenile, to be wearing something like what she did. I seriously thought that she missed the mark of ‘lady’ and ended up with ‘grandmother’ and then someone painted that giant bow on using MS Paint or something.

Oh, and I don’t like her blog at all. I can’t really see any sense in how she’s posting, everything sounded very  fragmented. You can’t do that unless you’re Fingold(fish) or a 13-year-old kid who thinks s/he is the biggest thing since the discovery of fire, let loose on the internets.

Oh wait…




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