A Mish Mash of Random Stuff from Today

1 02 2010

Okay so as promised, here’s a picture of the stupid hat I crocheted. It’s being modelled by my nice, horrid-smelling, plastic water bottle I got for sophing this year. I refuse to wear it for a picture because it’s that bad. I don’t believe that anyone will look acceptable in this hat, especially not J. Stubbs. She definitely looked like she was wearing a knit version of a hospital cap.

As you can see, this thing was so stiff that it doesn’t even attempt to flop over my water bottle. Instead, it holds itself perfectly prim and proper like a hat made from straw would do. Uggghhhh. Not only that, this picture took me 3 tries to upload onto here. I think reznet was killing the system, but it might just be that this hat is so ugly and horrible, it’s breaking the interwebs.

But, as it stands, I’m extra happy right now from the endorphins generated from my much missed workout so I’ll post some other interesting things too.

First up, a MSN bot. I got added by a strange email to MSN messenger today and was very suspicious of it: I’m totally¬† not popular so no one really adds me for no reason. Because of that, I was hostile at the onset. After I’ve confirmed it was a bot, I decided to type random things to see how many different responses it had, although I quickly got bored after about 3 lines from me.

Bonus if you get what I was talking about in the last night I said. =)

Next up, I got linked to the Rorschach test on Wikipedia from a fashion blog (don’t ask, or, ask but it’s a long story). And as I was glancing through the cards I realized that I totally see different things than the average person. I mean, I’m pretty sure not everyone has the mundane and/or boring and/or generic responses like Wiki lists as common responses. At least, I hope not, because they were really unimaginative. But I got a feeling that mine were a little too creative.

#5, usually seen as a bat, butterfly, or moth was seen by me as an alien with antennae or bunny ears wearing really puffy arm warmers holding two giant prongs, like a tuning fork… Then I got hungry at the thought of a fork…

I don’t like how the governing factors in my life for decision making or anything else for that matter, are food and warmth. I feel like a primitive savage whose actions are dictated by basic animalistic needs. My liiiiiiiiiiiifeeeeeeeeeee……………………….




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