My New Addiction Involves a Hook

29 01 2010

Recently, most of the crafting blogs I’ve been following has been all about ‘doing more stuff for the new year!’ or ‘look at what I did during/for the holidays!’ so they’ve been posting crap loads of smallish things or humongous things… basically things that I suddenly really want to make.

Especially, a quilt.

No don’t worry, I haven’t started a quilting operation in my rather spacious and toasty prison cell at rez. But looking at the amazing cathedral window quilt over at During Quiet Time, I can’t help but want to make one for myself. The cathedral window one especially despite the multiple steps, since it doesn’t need the sandwiching thing that normal quilts need, or the elaborate quilting that I want to do but will never ever in my life be able to.

Back on topic, I wanted to reveal that I dove head-first into yet another ‘hobby’ that will likely get abandoned in a short while: crochet.

Last night while I spent hours trying to figure out stupid geometric puzzles of quilt pieces that I’ve set upon myself, I suddenly decided to buy some yarn and hook and start crocheting. Immediately.

Following that train of thought this afternoon, I braved the bitter cold and went to Michael’s to buy my supplies. I think I was meant to head over there to dish out money today since the crochet hooks were on sale. And this is what came out of it after 1 hour and some youtube videos:

I’m trying to make a hat as per this video from Threadbanger. It’s a rather ambitious first project but it’s something to look forward to while I get used to the whole thing. There would be more to show if I didn’t just spent 4 hours facilitating soph carousels (a group interview thing).

I find crochet easier than knitting because it’s just one hook but harder to keep track of the beginning and the end when working with a circle.

The yarn I’m using was the cheapest I could find, “Red Heart Super Saver”. I figured, no matter what complete things I make of it, the first half will probably get wasted as I adjust.  It feels super gross to touch because it’s so scratchy ‘n stuff. But hopefully at the speed I’m going, I’ll finish the hat this weekend, which should use up over half the yarn, then I can make a tube neck warmer that I’ll never wear with the rest. My real goal is to make a super cool granny square afghan.

By the way, have you noticed the trend? Crochet for the ultimate goal of an afghan, quilting for the ultimate goal of a… quilt, knitting a hooded scarf on and off, living in a room that feels like sticking your face right above the furnace vent…

Winter needs to be over soon. Or actually, slow down a bit so I can finish something before it’s gone. =)




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