Tequila and Failday Preview

20 01 2010

Originally, I was going to post about my epic fail day this past Saturday, when I went home. I have only 2 hours of class on Tuesdays and I finish at 12:30pm (damn right you should be jealous) so I thought I’d have plenty of time to do a pseudo photostory about the day but somehow, it disappeared.

I was somewhat productive in fully watching the movie ‘9’, which is an okay movie, doing some laundry, and going for a swim and then grocery store. But yeah, fail report will come soon.

What I really wanted to say in this post is pretty much that I think I’ve just fallen into a very deep, deep hole called find-the-yummiest-tequila. Ambitiously, my goal after finding a couple good tequilas is to… drink gin, sherry, port and more tequila. My liver and bank account will definitely thank me greatly for this. Sigh.

In other news, some crazy drinking affair is going down on my floor on Thursday. I’ll be buying SOMETHING tomorrow or early Thursday to join my frosh for a bit. You may want to know that the SOMETHING will be a tequila.

After that, is a super romantic dinner with Christina and Justine and possibly others at Bertoldi’s on Friday. Then a two-day camping trip at the Pinery with Ashton and the Outdoors Club.

On Monday it seems that there’s a trip to Molly Blooms for cheap wings and chill times. And then… I don’t know. But it seems like money will be just flying out the window for me. Bleh.

There also might be a very emotional, tear-jerker post showing up sometime this semester. If I remember.




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