Rekindled Romance and News of My Stupidity

9 01 2010

I thought I’d update the situation where I used baking soda instead of shampoo. Well… there were issues…. and that’s not happening anymore.

During the short time I was using baking soda, I was not more or less happy. First, you’ll have to understand that my hair is a strange entity. It’s so not picky to the point that scares me. The indifference applies no matter what I use to wash it, shampoo to baking soda to bar soap. Other than the fact that my hair didn’t get as gross as fast on baking soda, there were no other changes: luster remained the same and so did suppleness. Good job hair, you are one cheap and easy thing to please. (Going along too much with the non-existent romance theme of this post, I almost called my hair a ‘woman’.)

However! Despite my hair being such an easy going thing, I am very picky. As soon as I got back to rez I started back on shampoo. 60% of the reason lies with the fact that I still had shampoo left in my room and 40% belongs to the fact that I had no baking soda here. Which, in the end, summed up 100% to laziness.

I brought over from home a left-over half bottle of baby shampoo that I bought years ago to wash my makeup brushes with to supplement the dying bottle of Pantene in my closet so I don’t have to lug extra things back from the mall in the cold. I have to say, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is pretty good. It’s a formula that also refuses to clean your hair until it squeaks (like baking soda) but it smells nice, is strangely silky and never feels like it’s washed out completely. Yeah!

Instead of hating it because it’s strangely silky (read, a little slimy) and doesn’t wash out properly, I actually really like it. It’s like having an unnatural juice blend from one of those healthy juice places that’s a good idea in theory, but tastes so horrible you can’t help but keep drinking it. Although unless you experience it 4 realz you’ll think I’m weird. But yes, the baby shampoo is a good idea.

For those of you wondering why I had it in the first place, the story is a long and mildly embarrassing one and goes like this: I didn’t want to buy brush cleaner solution which is a total waste of money in my opinion because of its lack of versatility decided to go buy a ‘mild shampoo’ to clean my stuff with. Not knowing what ‘mild’ is without the utilization of PH papers like an inflexible geek, I went up and down the isle and read the ingredients of all the shampoo available at Shoppers Drug Mart. And because my short (and long) term memory is really bad, I would pick up a bottle, read it, and hold on to it until I found one with less ingredients than the one in my hand, after which I’d put back the 1st bottle and pick up the second one. This process repeated itself until I went through the entire shampoo isle, then the baby isle and took roughly an hour to complete.

The more embarrassing part of that is, I still buy almost all of my health and beauty products that way if I were to change or get new products.

By the way, somewhere in there, I should have mentioned that I miss the foaminess of real shampoo and I didn’t want my frosh to think I was weird to carry baking soda to the showers.

In other news, I finally got FaceBook after 5 years of resistance. I had a sort of mid-life crisis but for sophs. I missed my frosh from last year and kinda felt like an empty nester so I got it to find them. More like, to stalk them since I didn’t really plan to meet them or anything…

3 days later I finally found the Friend Requests page where everyone’s friending requests went to. By accident. Don’t judge.




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