Making Circle Scarves

30 12 2009

Being on winter break makes me really lazy and unobservant of the passing of days. It’s December 30th already and I did like, NOTHING with my life this break. I have a circle scarf run-through to share from many days ago and if I knew I was gonna procrastinate, I would’ve sewn on a sunnier day for better pictures. Although my picture-taking skills are next to nonexistent.


To sew a circle scarf similar to American Apparel, I went out and bought some cotton jersey. I actually bought cotton-bamboo jersey at $8/yrd from a guy I refer to as the Italian Fabric Mafia. Story in another post maybe. Anyways, go and pick some nice soft fabric that you wouldn’t mind having wrapped around your neck all day. AA uses some kind of really thick stretchy cotton thinger that I don’t know the name of but you can really use anything you want. You might not end up with a winter scarf if you use holey fabrics though. Buy one yard of THE CHOSEN fabric. Buy more if you want a really really really long scarf, or a really thick scarf, instructions at the end.

Lay it on the floor with the RIGHT side facing up like so:

STOP. If you’re super lazy like me, you can just scrunch the fabric along the long sides and wrap it around your neck. That’s how I wear my scarf. ;D

Now fold the fabric in half so the right side gets hidden by the wrong side. Match the selvages:

Hilariously, sew along the selvages to make a tube:

Hem your scarf if you need to. Or actually, maybe you should’ve hemmed it before you did the selvage-sewing and tube-making. I skipped it because jersey does not fray and as you probably have noticed by now, I’m rather lazy.

In the final step I like to scrunch because it’s easy but you can fold as well. But really, just turn it over and fold/scrunch/command the ends inward until you have something that ACTUALLY looks like a circle scarf instead of a mysterious tube:

Now circle it around your neck and there it is, your circle scarf:

If you need it loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonger, I’d buy maybe 1 1/2yrd to 2yrd of fabric and cut that in half length-wise and then connect the selvages together. If you need a thicker scarf, buy more and sew it as usual. Combine the two to make a longer and thicker scarf.




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