Pretty Awesome Restaurant to Fill your Tummy

17 12 2009

I think I’ll stop posting about my hair every day since it’s boring if I’m not faced with any kind of disasters. Instead, I want to share a nice place I found, for your dining pleasure.

Konnichiwa is a quaint, tiny little place on Baldwin St. That street has a lot of good food happening and my friends and I went to check it out two nights ago. It’s not a new establishment by any means since it has been around since 1996. It was also awarded Best Noodles in Toronto by Toronto Life in 2005 so I’m sure a number of you will know about it.

First, the atmosphere: it’s small and can be a challenge to eat at a table shared with your two friends but it is quaint, although I’ve used that word already. We sat in a nook by the window and although it was a little chilly, I feel that it’s the best place in the house, very cosy… though chilly. I don’t make much sense do I? About decor, plating, and whatever, do you care? I hope not. I don’t want to talk about them since food should always be the most important thing.

Let me tell you, I loved the food. I felt that I made a little mistake in ordering the grilled salmon because it was a tad dry when compared to my friend’s grilled black cod, which was mouth-wateringly juicy. At around $15 per dish, there’s a little bowl of rice to go along with 2 thin steaks of fish and a little bit of veggies for garnish.

My other friend ordered a sushi bento and I mooched some of the tempura in it and it was so yummy. The batter was light and crispy I didn’t drown my tempura in sauce this time and was able taste the veggies. Beautiful. My mouth is watering right now. Unfortunately I can’t comment on the rest of the bento because I’m not into sushi (only sashimi and maki) and my friend wouldn’t let me eat her dinner for her. What a bummer.

Appetizers and salads are between $4-6 and main dishes are around $15. It’s typical Japanese portions, nowhere near enough for me and perfect for normal people. Since I was still hungry after but didn’t want to look like the bottomless food pit that I actually am, I tried to order the appetizer Mozuku, which turned out to be seasonal and no longer offered. I ate the Kaiso salad instead and it had less seaweed in it than I thought, more leafy greens though. I didn’t think it should be almost $6 however.

A little pricey for job-less university students but well worth it for the well-made, authentic, non-sushi menu they offer. I’m definitely eating either a noodle bowl or a donburi, or maybe even both.

Food quality: 8
Food quantity: 7
Price vs. Portion: 7
Price vs. Yumminess: 8
Atmosphere: 8
Dressiness: every day or after work

31 Baldwin St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1L1
416.593.8538 or

Be careful, it closes between 3-5pm to switch their menu and do cleaning.




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