The 4th Day of my Romance with Baking Soda

16 12 2009

While I feel a bit apprehensive about sharing my personal hygiene updates with strangers on the interwebs, I feel that it’d provide useful information to someone out there. Today’s day 4 after getting together with baking soda and I’m happy to say that we’re still going strong even though… I didn’t shower today.

Le Gasp!

Before all of you dive for the hills at my stinky grossness, I like to say that my hair was totally fine.

Well, I exaggerate. It’s only mostly fine.

I last washed it yesterday morning and right now, 7pm if you’re wondering, my hair looks like it’s only been a day since I last washed it. The worst are my bangs, because it’s against my forehead, the second most oily place on my face. But even then it’s not too bad. I remember my original complaint was that I couldn’t go for more than 24 hours without washing my hair without risking it to look like, well, greasy hair and this is certainly one heck of an improvement.

One very interesting to note though, is that my scalp isn’t itchy anymore… but it looks like dandruffs are appearing?! Very curious problem there. I’m hoping that the problem is only a transitional one and will go away soon. I don’t want my head to snow along with the heavens. That would be just SO attractive…

Did anyone notice that my title is a whole lot longer today?




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