No ‘poo day 3

15 12 2009

Today I woke up with my hair matted down and tufts of it in all sorts of weird directions. Makes me think I was doing headstands all night while sleeping to have my hair end up like this all around. Well, matted, shaggy dog, hair is better than the grease ball, well ‘oiled’ hair look my hair tends to go for. You really have to wonder how do commercial shampoos strip so much oils from my hair that my body’s going into over drive to produce more, especially compared with BAKING SODA, my favourite pot scrubber.

But yeah, hair today is no different than yesterday. It’s neither improving or deteriorating. I suppose that should count as a success because I transitioned from shampoo to baking soda no problem.

One thing I’d like to point out though, is how slippery my hair and fingers feel after I’ve rubbed the baking soda goo in. I thought it wasn’t working because it kinda felt like oil when I rubbed the strands of my hair or my fingers together. But when I rinsed it out, it was pretty clean. I’d say it was similar to having a non-foaming soap on your hands, really slippery but washes out clean, not dry.

And remember the scalpy smell I mentioned earlier? It’s gone, replaced by wet hair and vinegar. Nice. Especially since wet hair dries and the vinegar smell fades really fast. I’m happy.

EDIT: I stand corrected. My hair is drying fluffier than it did yesterday. I didn’t blow dry it and it looks like I did. I’m VERY happy. I hate it when my hair just wilts against my head. I now look like a fluffy palm tree. Hurray!

I’d also like to say, I bought some fabric yesterday and will make some circle scarves like the ones from American Apparel. While I did bring my camera back, I forgot the upload connector thinger thing. So I’ll post about it when I get back to rez. I’ll actually have to post about a lot of stuff when I get back to rez…

The basic gist of it is to buy at most 1yrd of some kind of soft material you’d like to use for your scarf, then sewing the salvages together to make a tube. Either fold the ends of the tube in or just gather it and then stick your head through. Et Voila! A scarf.

Even easier is to not do anything at all and just fold or gather the scarf (along the long side) and wrap it around to end up with an even easier-to-make scarf. C’est magnifique n’est ce pas?

I bought bamboo jersey so mine doesn’t even require hemming. While doesn’t require hemming does not mean don’t hem it, but I won’t because I’m atrociously lazy. It’s great.




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